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Assess Not Guess

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JX Fundamentals Movement & Fitness Assessment


Assessment is one of the most important step of our client onboarding process.

Assessment allows us to understand where the client is currently at and what we need to do and how to do it in order to reach the client’s goal.

Merely knowing the end goal of the client is not enough. Many people can have the same goals but that doesn’t mean the way to get there is the same for everyone.

Only through an assessment can we know what plan suits the client best.

Things to consider are current fitness levels, interest, lifestyle, commitments, medical conditions and many more.

Assessment also allows us to identify clients that we cannot help, whose problem is out of our scope. This is when we refer our clients out so that they get the best care they deserve.

We help people who have recovered from injury regain confidence and strength to be active again.

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